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Indicator Lights

If you are on this page, there is a good chance you have one of these indicators glowing on your dashboard and you want to know what it means. Have no fear,  Five Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat in Warner Robins, GA will help you. Find the light below, and we can explain the alert and tell you how you can solve the issue. If it's going to be more than a simple fix, give our Five Star  Service Center a call at (886) 751-9826, or contact us online.

 Low Tire Pressure

This is not always the easiest symbol to figure out, but if you closely you can see that it is actually a cross-section of a tire and the exclamation is warning you that one or more of your wheels has low inflation. Normally, the optimal tire inflation rate is somewhere between 32 & 35 PSI, but too make sure this is what the manufacturer recommends you can check inside the driver's door, around the frame, or on the wheel itself. 

 Malfunction Indicator Light

You are probably saying that this light looks a lot like an engine, and you would be right. All of our certified technicians call this the MIL, and it warns you of a potential fault in one or multiple emission control components in the Engine Control System. Your vehicle is still drivable when this indicator is on, but overtime, if the issue is not fixed, you could lose fuel economy. However, if this light is flashing this means there is an issue with your catalytic converter and this is something you want to get checked quickly.

 Engine Coolant Warning

Do not ignore this light if you see it on because it telling you your engine coolant may be running at too high of a temperature. If that is the case you should pull over to a safe area in order to prevent overheating, and damage to your engine block. Adding new coolant may solve the issue, but if the indicator remains on you should schedule service with a certified dealer in the Warner Robins area.

 Engine Oil Pressure Warning

When this indicator pops on it may mean that your oil pressure is low. with your vehicle turned off, check your engine oil level and if it needs more, add it. Should the light remain on, have a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Fiat specialist inspect your vehicle to ensure no damage occurs.

  Charging System Warning

Everyone recognizes this light, but may not be aware that this could actually mean there is one of two issue; either your battery charge is low, or there is an error in the electrical charging system. If it is the charging system them there may be a crack or loose area in the belt. If not, it probably means the charge in your battery is depleted, and may need a jump or new battery.


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